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Sonia & Cooper
About me

Let's start with Sonia. Sonia came to us heavily pregnant. When giving birth, she faced difficulties. We performed a cesarean, but unfortunately, none of her babies survived. Sonia woke up from the surgery searching for her young. She was yearning for her kittens. She had so much love to give, and her teats were filled with milk. Mia, her foster, tried everything to help her while mourning. She slept on the floor with her, tried various foods to encourage her to eat, but nothing could mend her broken heart. It was heartbreaking for all of us to witness, and we felt powerless to help her.

Then came a lone kitten we named Cooper. Cooper was the sole surviving kitten from his litter and had no mother. Cooper was not socially inclined toward humans and did not want us to cuddle him or tell him he was safe now - he wanted a mother.

Sonia wanted a baby, and Cooper needed a mother. One thing we promise animals is that we will do everything we can to make them happy. So, we introduced the pair. Sonia did not question if Cooper was hers. She lay on her side, and Cooper ran to his new mom and suckled. The rest is history.

We now have the most bonded pair arising from the saddest circumstances, and who are we to separate such love? We are now seeking a home where they can live out their days as mother and son, together. Can you provide that?

A reminder that Protected Paws supports you throughout the adoption process. We aim for happy endings for our cats.

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All animals are neutered, vaccinated, flea-treated, wormed, and microchipped before rehoming.